Being a Meringue 3.14 client means getting your hands dirty – if you want to. We like to keep our clients involved in the generation of their re-vamped company image because we get that your business is your baby. But don’t worry, we’ve been doing this long enough to know that you’ve got better things to do so we have streamlined our processes to keep your involvement minimal.

We work with all species of business owners – serving everyone from sole proprietors to mid sized businesses looking to maximize marketing dollars. Our mandate is to make your business look as good on the outside as you run it on the inside. The Meringue 3.14 designers do this by zeroing in on a company’s strengths and building a brand that attracts a unique audience – first glance.

For those who have a vision, our designers are more than happy to bring it alive – and for those who are a little identity lost, we’ve got the left-brain wiring to dream up something fabulous for you. Our existing clients are situated across Canada – Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – and are raving about our personalized service and customary project designs.

Just a few of the clients we serve:

  • Holmes Communities
  • Jack’s Generator Shop
  • FSRS
  • High Caliber/CTR
  • Tailblazers
  • Dogma
  • Calgary Car Share
  • Goodmen Roofing