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Why Choose Meringue 3.14?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Whether you have worked with a print and design shop before or not, we know there are 3 key pieces you are looking for.

  1. lemon_lime_twistThat we will  understand your needs and be able to show you ideas that are fresh and relevant.
  2. That we will remain within your budget. Our unique package pricing is a surefire way to manage expectation and avoid outrageous hourly billing.
  3. That we will we complete your project on time.

At Meringue3.14, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering on these 3 elements and here’s why we have been so successful:

  1. Amy Perzan Merrill – Amy has the unique ability to combine business acumen with creative design. This helps to better understand what it is you are looking for and offer ideas and solutions that fit your budget.
  2.  We are print brokers – This means that we work with a variety of printers and are able to shop around to find you the best suppliers for your budget, your finished quality and your timeline. We work with suppliers we know, like and trust and manage the job from beginning to end.
  3. We are experienced – With over 13 years experience in graphic design and a team of designers to support her, Amy knows how long a project will take and how to consistently meet your requirements. Don’t be surprised if she even shows you an alternative way to make your project better for less than you think.

Here’s how you can tell if we are right for you.

  1. Have a look at our client portfolio. If you like what you see in terms of style and creativity, then we’re right for you.
  2. Listen to what real business people – with real budgets and real deadlines – are saying. Our clients will tell you in their own words how we work. If you like what your hear, then we’re right for you.
  3. Read Amy’s story. You will see that she is not only a talented and experienced designer, but someone who is very passionate about what she does. If you like what you read, then we’re right for you.

So Let’s Get Started