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The fun bits…

Amy won her first graphic design competition with her poster design on fire safety from Warman Elementary at the ripe age of 6 years old. Prior to that, she had dabbled in all things artistic, and was recognized in her community for her creative talents; notably her bike decoration skills (with a little help from Mom on the logistics) where she picked up the blue ribbon in the parade.

Throughout her youth, Amy continued to be the “go to” person for graphic design, adding year book covers, bulletin board displays and a stint as PR person for the SRC to her resume. What might come as a surprise for such a highly creative individual are Amy’s uncanny right brain traits such as:

  • memory (but YOU said!)
  • attention to detail (how can this be this if that is that?)
  • academic ability (the annoying kid who won every award in spite of being kicked out of class half of the time)
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of Amy Perzan Merrill.
It’s Amy’s combination of creativity and accountability that have made Meringue3.14 a successful graphic design business since its inception in 2003. Over the years, Meringue3.14 has seen unprecedented growth as more and more small business owners seek quality design combined with creative and affordable delivery. Learn more about why more businesses choose Meringue3.14

The best bits…

Amy is proud to call herself a wife and mother. She resides on her  acreage near Calgary, Alberta with her husband, sons and daughter. When she’s not running her business she might be:

a)  out running with her kids
b)  making Choke Cherry syrup from berries on her farm, or
c)  trying to keep up with her husband on his dirt bike.

The boring, but impressive bits…

Professional Highlights of Amy Perzan Merrill:

  • Founded Meringue3.14 in 2003
  • Visual Communications Diploma (3 year), Medicine Hat College
  • Web Design, Alberta College of Art and Design
  • Economics, University of Saskatchewan
  • Instructor of Branding and Self Promotion, Blanche MacDonald Centre for Applied Design
  • Branding and Self Promotion Workshops for AWE (Alberta Women Entrepreneurs)
  • Governor General’s Award for Academic Excellence
  • BDC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee
  • Silver, Best Ad Design
  • Best Poster Design, International Publication
  • Anatomy of a Business Card: CTV interview (televised)
  • Small Business Success Story, Calgary Herald feature
  • Speaker, Small Business Week