Setting a Price

//Setting a Price

Setting a Price

Pricing is one area of business where I think businesses should (mildly) concern themselves with their competition. Take a look and see how they’re presenting (ie packaging) their product or service and ensure that you’re either in line with industry standard OR distinctly unique in your offering. When pricing a service, be sure that the process and deliverables are clearly defined.
Revisit your pricing annually and don’t be afraid to make changes. And remember, if your product isn’t selling, it may not be the PRICE, but the perceived value. Make sure the prospect understands why the price is what it is. Depending on the product and how the prospect found you, this may require very little explanation. For example, most people understand why the pizza is $19.95. If you’re selling a more abstract service, say wedding planning, you may need to be much more detailed in what your price includes.
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