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Do you offer WordPress design and editing support?

Telephone tutorials are available but they are billable at by the hour, min 1/2 hour. If you’re interested, we may want to prepare content and do updates or new pages together over the phone. Most clients like to actually build a portion of the site during the tutorial to get the most bang for their buck. I find this works well as it takes us through all the components you’re most likely to use on a day to day basis. Please contact us for current rates and availability


I would like a professional email address, where do I start?

To have a professional email address, you want it affiliated with your url (aka domain name / web address), so the first step is to register a domain name (See tips below for choosing a domain name). If you register your domain and/or hosting through this link, a Meringue3.14 rep will be able to access your control panel to handle all of the “tech” stuff on your behalf.


I want the “.com” (which is available) and it was suggested to me that I also register the “.ca” (which is also available). Is this necessary? Also, many people mistakenly spell my name, so do I also purchase the incorrect spelling .com and .ca?  How many years would you suggest I purchase as a start?

I would be more apt to purchase the two spellings as ‘.com’ than worry about buying the ‘.ca’. If your budget allows, buying the ‘.ca’ is not a bad idea, but may be overkill. I’ve learned to purchase for a duration of two years, if not five, as it saves me the hassle of renewing every year, not to mention if you don’t renew it in time you lose it, the added paperwork AND it generally is a bit cheaper if you buy multiple years. Other things to consider when choosing your domain name:

  • Shorter is better (remember, this will be on print pieces and long domain names make for long email addresses!)
  • Is it easy to recall?
  • Watch for commonly misspelled words and avoid them
  •  If you can’t get the ‘.com’ search the ‘.ca’ – the latter costs more, but may be worth it if you can get a domain you like. Maybe check what the ‘.com’ is so that if someone lands there by accident they are not your competitor’s site or something with off color content


How do I calibrate my computer monitor?

What you see on the screen may not be what you get back from the printer! Most monitor manufacturers do not sell their monitors with color printing in mind. They are often very bright for  improved readability. Keep in mind, if absolute color matching is key to your next print project – consider offset printing with Pantone colors. Monitor calibration is not fool proof, it will just be a step in the right direction for getting better results in your printed material. Click here to calibrate your monitor now.