Mail that Stands Out (and Saves a Tree!)

Mail that Stands Out (and Saves a Tree!)

Make your mail stand out from the crowd.

Save envelopes and packaging then reuse it to send mail to your clients. Keep pieces that have a great texture, eye-catching color or an interesting postmark for this to be especially effective.

To do this well, make it intentional and have branded return labels printed.

If you’re going to adopt this as a standard exercise, go one step further and make your earth-saving intentions known (and avoid looking cheap) by  stamping the package with a message such as “[Insert Your Company Name here] has reused this envelope in order to reduce waste.” Or have tape printed with this message – then your tape job will do double duty! Ask me about a customized self-inking stamp or packing tape imprinted with your unique message.

If you get a stamp made or tape printed you can apply this philosophy in a few places. Reuse the back side of a great sheet of paper or “rebrand” a paper bag from a retailer.
More great ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle in a crafty way…
Gift Wrap
Are you one of those people that keeps all of the gift bags and bows you receive? If you’re like me, you even keep the tissue paper, even though it’s often torn and wrinkled. Here’s a creative way to restore it. You’ll need six sheets, three for the bottom and three on top. Shave some wax from crayons in between and iron to melt the wax (you may want to use a press cloth to avoid burning the delicate paper). TIP – use candle wax the same way! This is a great way to use up broken crayons and excess wax that has pooled in the candle holder. Also use this method to make tree ornaments. I found a great site with more info, check it out!

Gift Tags
Do you keep the holiday cards you receive every year? If so, cut them down the scoreline and reuse the cover as a gift tag. Tape it on a gift or hole punch the corner to hang from unwrapped gifts.

Gift Bags
If you’re going to purchase a gift bag, make it a fabric one. These will last longer than the paper variety. Check out these unique Traveling Gift Bags.

Wrapping gifts with newspaper is not a new idea (but it is a great one!), but how about using pieces of newspaper to stuff in your gift bags in lieu of tissue paper? Caveat: newspaper is a bit messy, so protect the gift if it’s not packaged (this is a good way to use up those old plastic shopping bags!).

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