How to Encourage Referrals

//How to Encourage Referrals

How to Encourage Referrals

Do you reward your referral sources? Do you even know where your referrals are coming from? If your business is anything like mine, it thrives on referrals, so that’s where I focus the bulk of my advertising dollars.

“Your closing ratio for non-qualified leads is 10% versus a 60% close ratio with referred leads.”
– Tom Hopkins, world-renowned sales trainer in “Sales Prospecting for Dummies”

Treat your referral sources with care.


Find out who is sending business your way and be sure to show your appreciation. Whether it’s a thank-you card in the mail or an elaborate gift, the gesture will go a long way. In determining your referral reward program, ask yourself “what’s a new client worth to me?”
Asking for referrals is easier than you think! Build yourself a handy reference guide that tells your referral sources:
  • how to spot your ideal client
  • how to best communicate what you do
  • how you reward their referrals
  • what others are saying about your company 

My primary method of advertising is word-of-mouth. I have found that a prospective client who is referred to me is more prepared to appreciate the value that I can offer.Recommended Reading: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Referral Business


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